Pastor Maldonado – Net Worth, Money and More

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Pastor Maldonado

This tall swanky racer was born to race through our hearts. Hailing from Venezuela, this Formula One Driver peeked into this world in 10 March 1985 and took this world into a rage. Yes I am talking about none other than Pastor Rafael Maldonado Motta popularly known as Maldonado. He was the brand name of Williams very recently replaced by Felipe Massi.


Even at a fragile age of seven, he was more into karting than other sports as if he was born to set the race track ablaze. He quickly conquered the Venezuelan junior championships while studying at military school. This was just the baby steps he was taking before foraying into the world of racing where each second determined the fate. His next destination was Europe and in 2003, he moved to Italy and competed amongst the champions in Formula Renault 2.0 championships all over the continent. He won the Italian winter series the same year before a successful assault on the competitive summer championship in 2004.He tasted success with eight wins and Formula one machinery with Minardi. In 2008, he improved to being fifth in the standings with Piquet Sport and victory kissed his feet.
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Celebrating big win in Grand Prix

He was about to conquer the race track in 2009 when he secured a drive at the championship but Hulkenberg took no vow to spare him and outperformed him in his first attempt. In 2010.he started afresh with new team Rapax and named the title his own. He had the backing of PDVSA which unlocked the door to Williams. On his debut season, he scored just one point but the car was as much to blame as he was and he showed some potential by moving it into the top-ten shootout in qualifying on three occasions. In the 2012 season, he was retained by Williams when it was in dire need of a win. And much to everyone’s delight, he won the Formula one at the Spanish Grand Prix.


In racing track, money speaks..!! Maldonado was encouraged by the then president of Venezuela who took keen interest in this sport. His net worth is approximately €1 Million. He has the backing of PDVSA the state owned Petroleum Company to his credit which is worth $45 million a year. Although after the death of president his life took a back turn, still he has the support of the state owned enterprise through which he enter any team. He has a foundation to his name for the unprivileged people of Venezuela, which he feels he contributed to his homeland. During his days in Williams, he used to enjoy ride in FW35 which was the heavenly possession for him.


When there is success, controversies are bound to linger around you. So is in Maldonado’s life. He was always surrounded by controversies all around the year. He sparked some controversy in the first leg of the Grand Prix series in Australia when he called his car not fit to drive. Although he brushed off the comments later, controversy queen refused to die. In 2005, he was again in news for the wrong reasons. He hit a Marshal in the World Series by Renault at Monaco under yellow flags. He was banned from several races. But to his rescue again, came his state owned enterprise who had supported him through thick and thin. Williams was slapped with a hefty amount of £51,000 fine after his wheel came off during practice for the Japanese Grand Prix.


Maldonado with wife Gabriela

Maldonado married journalist Gabriela Tarkanyi in December, 2012. This was kept a low profile wedding and only a few close relatives and friends were present to witness and celebrate this wedding. He is fond of Latin songs and hears them periodically. After President Chavez’s death, He was hugely taken aback. Being backed by his country, he is highly indebted to his motherland and he feels he is an ambassador for Venezuela and will carry the legacy of President Chavez.  He is keen to find a new driver from the slums of Venezuela and give him a chance to shine brightly. He is resolute to pay back his country as he believes he owes much to this land. He has already set up a charitable organization Pastor Maldonado Foundation through which he helps his countrymen to some extent.



Now that he has been replaced by Massi in Williams, many teams are eager to grab him and his lucrative backing from PDVSA. His next destination could most probably be Lotus which is financially striving hard this season. Other options are also there paving his way. They are Sauber and Force India. Force India is yet to confirm their driver line-up this season. So opportunities are in manifold, he just needs to grab them with open hands.


Contributor: Pallavi Priyadarshani

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