Sir Alex Ferguson Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth –  50 Million Dollars

Retired Footballer/Coach/Manager/

Currently Director of Manchester United


alex ferguson

This guy needs no introduction. As Manchester United fan its an honor to write about one of the best managers in the history of football. He made Manchester United the biggest club of the world. Winning trophies was a routine for this guy and he surely knew how to please the fans as well. Sir Alex Ferguson build a fan base so large for Manchester United that no other club is even around and wont be in at least next 5-10 years to come. Chewing gum on the sideline, monitoring his team, filling them with such an inspiration and fighting spirit that Manchester United were capable of overcoming deficits in even tense matches and completing comebacks. Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson is a former Scottish football manager and player who managed Manchester United From 1986 to 2013. His time at the club is regarded as one of the most successful time as he won 49 trophies with the club. He is listed as No. 1 Managers of all time by ESPN –



Managerial Career

Sir Alex Ferguson is longest serving manager of Manchester United. He overtook Sir Matt Busby’s record on 19th December 2010, after completing more than 26 and a half years as the club’s manager. He won numerous awards and holds many records including winning Manager of the year most times in the British football history. In 2008 after winning the Champions League and conquering Europe, Ferguson became only the third British Manager to win the European Cup more than once. He was knighted in 1999 for his services to the game of football  and also has the Freedom of the city of Aberdeen. On May 8th 2013 Ferguson announced his retirement as the Manager of Manchester United and replaced by David Moyes.



According to Football Managers rich list of 2013, Sir Alex Ferguson earned almost 34 million pounds and topped the list. Many were of the opinion that ferguson was going to spend his retirement walking the dog and tending his azaleas, but i would say THINK AGAIN ! He is Sir Alex Ferguson, according to sources the former Manchester United Manager has got himself a nice little steady earning as the club’s ambassador.  He will be paid around 2 million pounds for about 20 appearances a year, or we can put it another way, about 110,000 pounds each time he presses the flesh. This is in addition to the basic pension of 110.5 pounds a week and i guess he will be able to make a high class living out of this in UK. In my opinion Ferguson created more value for the team he led than any other head coach in the history of football i can think of. By the estimation he is responsible for about 400 million dollars or about 11% of the publicly traded English football teams current enterprise value of about 3.5 billion dollars. Ferguson was able to accomplish this astonishing feat by winning continuously on the pitch and leading with class, which enabled Manchester United to build one of the most valuable brands in sports. The strong band impression in turn has fueled revenue growth superior to other club rivals.



Net Worth

Macclesfield house

saf home


Ferguson owns a plush mansion in the small town of Macclesfield in England.

Chevrolet Volt

saf volt


He owned a Chevrolet Volt even before the sponsorship jersey deal of Manchester United with the General Motors was done.

Chevrolet Volt

saf volt 2


Since the deal he owns another Chevrolet Volt and it has been provided by General Motors. It simply means that he dint have to buy it and every other Manchester United first team player was gifted with a Chevrolet car of their choice as a part of the sponsorship deal.


Relationships and Personal Life

alex and cathy

Ferguson currently lives in Wilmslow, Cheshire with his wife cathy Ferguson. They got married in 1966 and have three sons together Mark, twins Darren and Jason. In 1998 he was named in the list of the biggest private financial donors to the Labour Party. Ferguson in 2009 received an Honorary doctorate in business administration from the Manchester Metropolitan University, it was actually the second degree which he got from the same university first being a masters in 1998.



David Beckham and draw fixing

In 2003, Ferguson was involved in a dressing room argument with then Manchester United Player David Beckham. it resulted in an injury to Beckham, alleged to have been caused by Ferguson kicking a football boot in frustration which hit the player in face below eye brows. In another controversy where he claimed that the 2003 Champions league draw was fixed in favour of Spanish and Italian teams.

Recalling of loaned players

After the sacking of his son Darren by Preston north End, Ferguson Immediately recalled his loaned players Ritchie De laet, Joshua King and Matty James under new managerial system. He later explained that it was players’ own request not to return to Preston after the change of manager.




““You are not going to be happy if you lose to a goal in the last minute.””

““Winning one trophy is good, I tell you. No matter what trophy it might be, you’ve got to take it.””



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