James Packer Net Worth Money and More

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Net Worth: $7.7 Billion

Profession: Australian Businessman


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The complete name of James Packer is James Douglas Packer. Packer was born on 8th September 1967. He is an Australian businessman. The name of his father is late media mogul, Kerry Packer. And the name of his grandfather is Frank Packer. He has completed his education from Crankbook School. His school is located in Sydney. Packer shares a very good bond with Tom Cruise. In 2002 he met Tom Cruise and they became good friends after meeting each other. Tom and James share a very deep bond.



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After he completed his school education, his father involved him in business activity. His father sent him to Newcastle Waters cattle station. This station is located in Barkly Tableland. He worked as a jackeroo in his father’s station. Albert J Dunlap was the mentor of Packer. He trained Packer in a very nice way. He tried every possible trick to polish packer. Packer is the chairman of a well known company named Crown Limited. The company is said to be one among the most entertaining resort groups. It is a very successful company and the average turnover of the company is $11 million. Every year around 25 million tourists goes to Crown’s Australian resorts.

Personal life


Packer had many girls in his life. The names of his past girlfriends are Tania Bryer, Joan Severance, and Deni Hines. In 1997 he got engaged to Kate Fischer but their bond didn’t work and in 1999 Packer broke his relationship with Kate. In 1999 he married to a swimsuit model named Jodhi Meares. But unfortunately there relationship also didn’t work well and so they got separated in 2002. His permanent residence is in Sydney. After his divorce with Jodhi, Packer dated a well known model and singer named Erica Baxter, for four years. In 2007 he got married to Erica Baxter. Their marriage was held in Antibes town hall. And the marriage is considered to be one among the most popular royal weddings. After marriage the couple was graced with three children. The names of their children are Indigo, Jackson Lloyd, and Emmanuelle Sheelah. After spending five year together, they announced their separation in 2013.


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He is a very rich personality. His leads a very luxurious and lavish lifestyle. His profession has made a lot of money for him. His estimated net worth is said to be $7.7 Billion. He has performed quite well in his career. He owns many properties and expensive assets. He is the owner of many huge banner companies. All his money and property is not earned by him. A lot of his money is inherited by him. He has invested in many companies like Crown Limited, Ratpac Entertainment, Zhoapin Pty Ltd. He is also the former executive chairman of Consolidated Media Holiday PBL (Publishing and broadcasting limited). His estimated net worth is $7.7 Billion. He is placed on the third position in the list of top 200 people by BRW. From 2005 he took completely took the charge of his father’s company.  In 2013 the capitalization of his company was $11 Billions. He also invested his money in Internet based companies. The money which he invested in these companies got multiplied. In 2003 Packer purchased 25 percent stake in SEEK. The cost of those 25 percent were $33 million in 2003.  After six year he sold the same stakes for $440 million. He smartly invested his money at many places and this investment has contributed to his net worth.  He also has a very huge and expensive house. The house encompasses a 23m pool on the roof of the house.  The house has many other facilities like Underground Cinema, gym, 13 car garage, and staff quarters. His mega mansion has solar panels, well equipped kitchen, and ceiling featuring skylights. Apart from this beautiful mansion he also has his private yacht. The estimated price of this yacht is said to be $20 million. It is a huge yacht which is equipped with almost all the facilities. The yacht has nine bedrooms. It has many other things like media room, salon, and a separate dining room. The length of the yacht is around 46 m. Apart from this he has two more yachts. The name of the other two yachts is Arctic P yacht and Z Ellerston yacht. The Arctic P yacht is a 287 foot yacht and James has inherited this ship from his father. This yacht is also equipped with many facilities like Swimming pool, Jacuzzi spa, and Helicopter landing pad. And Z Ellerston is also a very huge ship which is around 50m in length. James also has his private chopper. The name of his private chopper is Sikorsky S-76. Apart from all this he has a very luxurious car named Aston Martin DB9. The car has many facilities like navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, satellite radio and iPod interface.

Quote written by James Packer

James Packer has written many inspirational quotes.

  • My father used to think the word legend was tossed around far too often. I want to say today that in the opinion of his family, my was father was a legend
  • I prefer to be sitting on the beach, but I can’t. I want to be a billionaire

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