Wayne Rooney Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth – 50 Million Dollars

Professional Footballer

wayne rooney

Wayne Rooney is a professional footballer and currently plays for Manchester United as a forward. He dons the no 10 jersey and is one of the most complete players of the present playing generation. His work rate while attacking or defending is  pretty high and hence is an engine. Rooney burst into the international frame with a terrific goal for everton against Arsenal and ending their 49 match unbeaten streak. His services were quickly acquired by Manchester United for about 26 million euros. Since joining United he has won almost all the trophies at club level and scored a perfect hat trick on his debut for Manchester United. Represents england at the international level and is 4th in all time goal scorers for the English national side.


Early Life and Career

Born on 24th October 1985 in Croxteth, Liverpool to Jeanette Marie and Thomas Wayne rooney. He is basically of Irish descendent and was brought up as a Roman Catholic along with younger brothers Graham and John. Rooney was a child prodigy and as a result rose quickly through the ranks in the everton’s youth academy. He had that spark to be world class. At very young age of 16 he broke into the everton first team and was later on sold to Manchester United when 18 in 2004. After joining United he just never stopped and went on winning trophies as well as breaking numerous records. With Manchester United Rooney has won the English Premier League, Champions League, Capital One Cup and the World Club World Cup. Rooney was England’s youngest ever goalscorer and the youngest player in the league history to reach 200 appearances.



With a deal of about 70 million pounds over the next five and a half years, Wayne rooney has eclipsed Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in terms of salary. He will earn about 15.6 million pounds annually which is much greater than Ronaldo’s 14.25 million and Messi’s 12.08 million a year.

According to Forbes these were his earnings in the last two years

2012 – 24.3 million dollars

2013 – 21.2 million dollars

His new contract fetches him 300,000 pounds a week. This means 1785 pounds every hour and just about 30 pounds each minute.

Thats amazing !

Rooney also has endorsement deals with giants like Nokia, Ford, Asda, Coca Cola and Nike ( Face on their T90 laser IV boots). He has also appeared in six straight UK version covers of Electronic Arts Fifa series from Fifa 06 to FIFA 12. On 9th March Wayne signed the largest sports book deal in the history of publishing with Harpercollins, who granted him an advance check of 5 million pounds plus royalties for a minimum of five books  get published over twelve years.

Top Earning Footballers before Rooney’s Mega Deal

Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) €17 million

Lionel Messi (Barcelona) €16 million

Radamel Falcao (Monaco) €14 million

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Paris St Germain) €13.8 million

Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) €13.8 million

Sergio Aguero (Manchester City) €13.5 million

Yaya Toure (Manchester City) €13 million

Thiago Silva (Paris St Germain) €12 million

David Silva (Manchester City) €12 million

Fernando Torres (Chelsea) €10.8 million




Net Worth

Cheshire mansion

rooney house

The Cheshire Mansion of Wayne Rooney is currently valued at around 18 million dollars. That means he must have spent a very huge amount to purchase this property, but why wouldnt he ? Rooney can purchase a couple more houses like these keeping in mind his earnings annually. 1.57 million dollars were spent on preparing the buildsite of this mansion and it seems justified as well. The Neo-Georgian mega mansion has been the centre of attraction and at times attracted more attention than the start footballer himself.


With such a huge salary and endorsement deals worth millions, its obvious for Wayne Rooney to own a wide variety of luxury and expensive cars.

Bentley Continental GTC

rooney bentley

Range Rover Overfinch

rooney range rover

Aston Martin Vanquish

rooney aston martin

Audi RS6

rooney audi rs6

2004 Cadillac Escalade

rooney cadillac

Silver Bentley Continental GTC

rooney silver bentley


rooney bmw

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

rooney lamborghini

Black Range Rover Overfinch

ronney black range rover



wayne and coleen

Rooney met his wife, Coleen Rooney during secondary school only and had been his childhood sweetheart. They got married on 12th June 2008 after six years of long dating. During the period of dating Rooney admitted to prostitution in Liverpool in 2004. In a clarifying statement later he said that “I was young and stupid.It was a at a time when i was very young and immature and before i had settled down with Coleen.”



David Moyes

In the September of 2006, Then Everton Manager David Moyes sued Rooney for accusing him of leaking the reasons behind his transfer from Everton to Manchester United. Rooney had made such claims in his 2006 autobiography and the case was settled out in court for 500,000 pounds in June 2008 and rooney had to apologise for “false claims’ he had made in the book.

Acts and Allegations of infidelity

Helen Wood ( a prostitute) claimed that Rooney payed her 1000 pounds for a threesome with her and Jennifer Thompson ( another prostitute ) when Coleen was five months pregnant. It has been reported that Rooney’s solicitors initially tried to fight of the claims and allegations when surfaced early in around August 2010 but were unable to do anything further as he confessed of feeling shameful having payed for sex.














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