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NET WORTH: $130 million


Rowan Sebastian Atkinson more popularly known as Mr. Bean is one of the most amusing and hilarious actor known for portraying comedy acting roles. Rowan loves to do comic and googly roles and his acts make people laugh and bring lots of giggle bellies. He is a famous English actor, comedian as well as a known screen writer. Before people knew him because of his appreciated work in the comedy show- “Mr. Beans”, he became popular for Not the Nine O’ Clock News and Blackladder. He has been mentioned as one of the top 50 funniest actor in British Comedy by “The Observer”.


Net Worth

Rowan has made a fortune of $ 130 million through his work in TV, films and even through his shifts with radio. It was mainly through his work in Mr. Beans and Johnny English that helped him to earn his fortune as both these movies earned 618 million US dollars on the box office. He was given fees of £11 million for his work in the “Mr. Beans series”. His TV series- “Blackladder” earned him 2 million US dollars and he earned another 2 million US dollar through working in bank’s ad campaigns. Thanks to his successful career, Rowan has a lavish lifestyle.


rowan house

Rowan owns many lavish houses and properties in London, Oxfordshire and Chelsea. In the year 2006, he along with his wife got a house which is called as Handsmooth House in the year 2006 for £2,647,500. The house covers an area of 16 acres.


rowan car

Enjoying a lavish lifestyle and having an obsession for cars, Rowan owns many pricey fats cars. The list of his cars include Honda NSX, Audi R8 Honda Civic Hybrid and McLaren F1. He has met many accidents, some fatal ones because of his passion for fats cars. Luckily none caused any major injury to him.

Early Life

Atkinson was born on 6th January in the year 1955 in County Durham in England. His father, Eric Atkinson was a company director as well as a farmer. Atkinson was brought up Anglican. He has done his early education from Durham Choristers School, St. Bees School he has done his Electrical Engeenering from Newcastle University. In the year 1975, he did his M.Sc. in Electrical Science from The Queen’s College in Oxford. His father matriculated from the same college in the year 1935, which made Atkinson an Honorary Fellow in 2006.

First winning national attention in the Oxford Revue at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 1976, he had already performed early sketches for shows in Oxford by the Etceteras- the revenue group of the Experimental Theatre Club (ETC) and the Oxford University Dramatic Society (OUDS), meeting writer Richard Curtis and composer Howard Goodall.




the atkinson people

As a major step towards his career, Atkinson did a comedy show on BBC Radio which was known as “The Atkinson People” in the year 1978. The comedy show was based on satirical interviews with known people. The characters of the fictional men were mimicked by Rowan himself.

After university, Atkinson did a one-off pilot for London Weekend Television in the year 1979 which was known as “Canned Laughter”.  Atkinson became popular with “The Secret Policeman’s Balls” from the year 1979. His other works are the sitcom “The Thin Blue Line” (1995-96). He then went to do “Not the Nine O’ Clock News”.

Not the Nine O’ Clock News became successful show and through this Rowan became popular and he started getting major lead roles. In the year 1983 he worked in “The Black Adder” which he wrote with Richard Curtis. After that more series of this show were broadcast and it became one of the most successful and popular comedy show on BBC


The “Mr. Bean” Porch


One of the most popular and successful humorous fictional character Mr. Bean is based on a character originally developed by Atkinson while he was studying for his master’s degree at Oxford University. Atkinson describes the character as “a child in a grown man’s body” who tries to solve various problems presented by everyday tasks and often causing disruption in the process. Bean rarely speaks, and the largely physical humour of the series is derived from hiZ{teractions with other people and his unusual solutions to situations. The series is influenced by physical performers like Jacques Tai and comic actors from silent movies. One of his better known comic devices is over-articulation of the “B” sound.


He also had cinematic success with his performances in the Mr. Bean movie adaptations “Bean” and “Mr. Bean’s Holiday” and in “Johnny English Reborn”. Besides that, Atkinson has also appeared in several movies, which are: “Dead on Time”, “Never say Never Again” “Pleasure at her Majesty’s”, and the “Tall Guy”.


De Nos Jours

Rowan also appeared during a performance of Chariots of Fire in the 2012 Summer Olympics opening Ceremony

Atkinson is fond of doing live on-stage skits. He has taken part in skits like “The Sneeze and Other Stories”, “The Secret Policeman’s Ball”,  and many others.

In 2013, Atkinson took on the titular role in a 12 week production of the Simon Gray play “Quartemaine’s Terms” at Wyndham’s Theatre in London. At the end of the year 2013, he revived his schoolmaster sketch for Royal Free Hospital’s Rock with Laughter at the Adelphi Theatre.

Personal Life

personal life

Rowan Atkinson was initially in a relationship with actress Leslie Ash. Later Atkinson married to Sunetra Sastry. She was a make-up artist with the BBC.  The duo got married in the year 1990 has two kids, Ben Atkinson and Lily Atkinson.


Vim and Vigour Politics

Atkinson has always taken political stand to provide justice and equality for work. In June 2005, Atkinson led a coalition of the UK’s most prominent actors and writers, to the British Parliament in an attempt to force a review of the controversial Racial and Religious Hatred Bill. They strongly stood against the Bill, which they felt would give overwhelming powers to religious groups to levy censorship on the arts.

In a similar action, in the year 2009, he stood for the gays. He raised his voice in opposition if anti gay hate law.

In 2012, he voiced his support to repeal the government’s statement, seen as a freedom of expression.

Atkinson was appointed “Commander of the Order of the British Empire” in the year 2013 on the occasion of the “Birthday Honours” for services to drama and charity.

Car Cracker

rowan atkinson

Atkinson as already mentioned above has a great passion for cars, which he developed when he began driving his mother’s “Morris Minor” around the family farm. Atkinson holds a category class 1 lorry driving licence. Lorries held a fascination for him.

Atkinson has raced in cars, including a Renault 5 GT Turbo.

His Goodwill

Atkinson works for the following charities

Amnesty International

Comic Relief

Save the Children

Kids Company


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