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Net Worth: $5.3 billion

Andrew Forrets

John Andrew Henry Forrest or people might known him by the name Andrew or Twiggy is a well- known Australian mining tycoon. He was born in Perth, Australia in the year 1961. He worked as a jackaroo during his childhood days in the Mindaroo station, which was partially owned by his great-grandfather, David Forrest. He is the non- executive chairman of the famous company, Fortescue Metals Group. This station was sold by the Forrest family in the year but after becoming one of the richest men in Australia, Andrew bought it back in the year 2009.


Andrew changed schools when he was a child. He studied in Onslow Primary school, and then moved back to his city to study in “Christ Church Grammar School” and then finally he studied in “Hale School.  Hard to believe, but a successful men like him used to stutter as a child. He has done his double major in politics and Economics from the University of Australia.


mining magante

Who knew that once a stockbroker will become Australia’s successful iron ore entrepreneur? After completing graduation, he worked as a stockbroker. He knew his potential and soon became the founding member of Anaconda Nickel in the year 1994, which has grown to become the largest mineral exporter in Australia. He is now the iron ore entrepreneur of Australia who is making 1 billion US dollar in just a month. That is quite shocking as working in the declining industry in Australia is not the challenge he has overcome, but he has made huge profits in this sector. In the year 2003, he took over Fortescue Metals Group and through simply digging in and supplying iron ore to China he has become the richest man in Australia.



Twiggy is one of the richest man in the world and this can be seen from his lavish lifestyle and his charity business. He is the biggest name when it comes to the mining industry as he is the owner and founder of Fortescue Metals Group. The man has a net worth of 5.3 billion US dollar. Andrew recently got a tender from the government to construct around 700 houses which will soon make him the region’s biggest property dealer too. In this year, Andrew bought a 7300 sq km of land worth 4.5 million US dollars. if you do not how big the land it is, then you will be surprised to know the area of this property is equal to six times the land of New York city!!! He lives in a one storey, beautiful, 10th century house with his wife in Perth. He is the major shareholder at the Fortescue Metals Group.



There is no doubt that being one of the richest and successful men in Australia, Andrew has great contacts with people in Australia. He is friends with Kevin Rudd (Labor Prime Minister), Peter Collier, (Liberal State Minister for Indigenous Affairs), Alananh Mac Tiernam (Former Labor State Minister), and Brian Burke (Former Labor Premier), John Howard (Former Liberal Prime Minister). He als have contacts with known athletes like Cathy Freeman and Herb Elliot.

Andrew is married to Nicola Forrest and is the father of three children. The credits he has got for his work are Australian Centenary Medal as well as an Australian Sports Medal. Forrest has been termed as the “Citizen of the Year” and awarded as the “Australian Ernst & Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year”. He works at the Chinese Southern University as the Adjunct Professor. Andrew and his wife have pledged to donate half of their money in the charity.


Australia’s billionaire, Andrew has loosened the strings of his wallet by donating half of his wealth to different causes like arts, medical research and education. Andrew along with his wife donated 65 million US dollars to University of Western Australia. They have also donated 90 million US dollar to their children’s charity as of 2007. He has also donated iron ore (5,000 tonnes) to the Chinese earthquake relief fund. “The Minderoo Group”, Andrew’s foundation has given 270 million Us dollars for the contributions towards the higher education.


end of slavery

Mining magnate, Andrew Forrest opened an organisation called “Walk Free Foundation” in the year 2010, to end up the modern slavery. He started the Global Freedom Network in the Vatican which will be supported by the Canterbury’s archbishop, Pope Francis and the imam of al-Azhar. The network aims to stop human and child trafficking, combat modern slavery. According to the Global Slavery index launched by him along with Hilary Clinton and Tony Blair there are around 29 million people in the world who are living their lived under the shadow of slavery.


“The natural fire of human endeavour and determination burns brightly in the hearts of all people.”, “If you have a vision or a belief or a goal and it’s true… Then it is… one of those rare things you should never, ever give up on.”,” Once you remove a person’s will by making their life welfare driven, and not opportunity driven then you start to sap that life and in the end you breed great resentment.”


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