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NET WORTH: $ 40 Million

Big Boi.

Big Boi.

Big Boi is a famous rapper and actor from America. He is one half of the legendary hip hop duo ‘Outkast’ along with Andre 3000. The duo has released six successful music albums. He released his solo album Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty in 2010. The album was a critical and commercial hit.


Outkast: Big Boi and Andre 3000.

Outkast: Big Boi and Andre 3000.

Big Boi was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia. His real name is Antwan André Patton, He was born on 1 Feb 1975. He moved to Atlanta in the later part of his childhood. At a very young age, Big Boi decided to pursue a career in music. He was intrigued by Hip Hop music. He met Andre 3000 in the high school. The duo decided to form a group named Outkast. They have released 6 successful and critically acclaimed albums. The duo often used lyrics to criticize the government and administration. Also, they have depicted the hardships suffered by the African American community. After four successful albums, Outkast decided to release two solo efforts. Andre 3ooo released ‘The love below’. Big Boi made ‘Speakerbox’. The two albums were merged and released as an Outkast product. Andre 3000 sang instead of rapping. The album was the 2nd Hip Hop album to win a Grammy award for ‘Album of the year’. Big Boi released a single named ‘The way you move’. The single topped the Billboard charts and was quite a hit. In 2007, Andre 3000 released an album named ‘Idlewild’. The album was certified platinum by the R.I.I.A. It received universal acclaim from critics. After Idlewild, Big Boy released his solo effort Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. The album did a good commercial business. It received an acclaim from the critics. T.I. and B.OB. were featured as guests in the album. It sold about 1,60,000 copies. At metacritic, it was assigned an average rating of 90/100 which indicates universal acclaim. He was praised for his lyrical prowess and the different sound of the album. Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors was released in 2012. The album featured many rappers such as T.I., Ludacris and B.o.b. It sold 61,000 copies in the united states. The critics gave favorable reviews to the album. At Metacritic, the album earned a rating of 72/100 which means generally positive reviews. Big Boi said in an interview that he is working on his 3rd solo project. The album’s name is not decided yet though 10 songs are done.


Big Boi owns 2 beautiful Condo's in Clearwater, Florida.

Big Boi owns 2 beautiful Condo’s in Clearwater, Florida.

Big Boi along with Andre 3000 acted in the movie, Idlewild. The movie depicts the depression prone-era of southern America. Big Boi created the Big Kidz Foundation in 2006. The foundation helps dis-advantaged youth in Atlanta. Later, it was launched in Savannah, Georgia as well. Big Boi collaborated with converse to launch the Chuck Taylor Sneakers. He has appeared as a guest on many shoes such as Nick Cannon’s Wild n Out, The Chappelle’s show. He starred in the 2007 movie, ‘Who’s your Caddy?’. Big Boi has a character in the Def Jam video game. In Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode ‘Wildlife’, Big Boi did a role.


Big Boi lives in this beautiful mansion.

Big Boi lives in this beautiful mansion.

Big Boy has a net worth of $ 40 Million. He owns a beautiful mansion in Georgia. The house has 5 bed-rooms, 3 bathrooms, half bedrooms, spa, sauna and many other luxuries. He owns 2 condo’s in Clearwater, Florida. Big Boi owns a 2007 Buick Lucerne (car). It is a beautiful car with amazing interiors. He is a certified Pit Bull Breeder and owns a Pit-bull. Big Boi has achieved this treasure as a result of his music talents. Outkast has always focused on social issues rather than talking about money, bitches and car. Big Boi is known for his lyrical prowess and diverse music style. He listens to all kind of music and gathers inspiration from varied sources. Outkast is an extremely respected duo in the Hip Hop industry. They are known to bring socially conscious messages with their songs. It is indeed commendable for music artists to do that. Outkast has been active since 1992 and is still going strong.


Big Boi's car!

Big Boi’s car!

“I don’t care who the president is – it isn’t just all about who’s black or who’s white or who’s Republican or Democrat, it’s about who is for the betterment of people, period.”

“I’m about making music and spending time with my family. I’ve been in the spotlight so long that I’m looking for something different.”

“I still picture myself as a student of the music. I’m always trying to learn new things. Music is just what makes me tick.”

“I don’t need a sensationalized headline to sell music or to bring attention to my music. It’s the music and it’s always been about the music.”

“The world is really run by the Web. There’s so much information out there that you can click and keep going down the rabbit hole finding stuff.”

“I’m glad I had kids young because we have a strong bond and listen to the same music.”







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