Daniel Day Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $40 million

Profession: Actor

Daniel Day-Lewis is an English actor who has been a multiple time Oscar winner. He started his career as a television actor and gradually made his way up to Hollywood. He is an extremely talented and dedicated per son and is known for going to great heights in preparing for a role. He is notoriously choosy about the type of roles he wants to play and uses rather unconventional methods to get into the character’s shoes. He has done several award winning movies like ‘Lincoln’, ‘My Left Foot’, ‘My Beautiful Laundrette’, ‘Gangs of New York’ and ‘There will be Blood’ amongst others. He has a total wealth amounting to $40 million which he has earned from movies and television.


Early Life:

Daniel Day was born on April 29th, 1957 in London, England. He is the son of poet, Cecil Day-Lewis and English actress Jill Balcon. The three prominent interests Daniel had as a child were: woodworking, acting and fishing. He has proved his strength as an actor both on stage and screen. He did a course in acting from Bristol Old Vic for three years. He did his first movie at the age of 14 titled ‘Sunday, Bloody Sunday’. This movie proved to be a good beginning established him as one of the most talented young actors in the industry. He performed at the National Youth Theatre in London and was appreciated for the same. He also acted on stage in Shakespeare’s, Marlowe’s and Farquer’s plays then. He at one point, played understudy to Pete Postlethwaite with whom he later appeared in ‘In the Name of the Father’.


Acting Career:

Daniel made his film debut with the movie Sunday Bloody Sunday (1971). In 1982, he did a small role in the movie Gandhi, some elven years after his debut. In the meanwhile he joined stage and the British Theatre company the ‘Royal Shakespeare Company’ and featured in the film ‘The Bounty’. The spike in Daniel’s career graph was registered after the release of his movie ‘A Room with a View’ in 1985. He then appeared as a lead actor in the movie ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being’, opposite Juliette Binoche. In 1989, he delivered an Oscar winning performance in Jim Sheridan’s movie ‘My Left Foot’ and also got nominated for Golden Globe Awards. His next Golden Globe nomination and Academy Award was for the movie ‘In the Name of the Father’ which was released in 1993. In 1997 he shooted for the film ‘The Boxer’ and then later moved to Italy to become an apprentice to a shoemaker. In 2002, he again faced the camera for ‘Gangs of New York’ and received a BAFTA Award for the same. His recent projects have been Lincoln (2012), Nine (2009), There will be Blood (2007) amongst others. Daniel is known for taking long breaks from work in order to wait for the right role.

Lavish Living:

The high income of Daniel has allowed him and his family to live a lavish living. Daniel is an owner of luxury homes in his homeland Ireland as well as in the town of Roxbury, Connecticut, USA. He likes spending time with his family and often goes out with them. He likes vacationing and goes on exotic vacations to places like Rome. He is an avid football lover and is a committed fan of London Club, Millwall F.C. 


A Generous Philanthropist:

Daniel Day makes a handsome earning which he spend well on his luxurious life as well as for social causes. He has been a generous philanthropist and is always willing to extend a helping hand. He is the chief patron of the Irish NGO, Wicklow Hospice Foundation. He has raised money by auctioning the memorabilia of his movie ‘Lincoln’ and donated the money to Wicklow Foundation. He has also used his star status to benefit the Canadian Philanthropic organization “The Brian Linehan Charitable Foundation”.

Personal Life:

Daniel was born in a family of actors and has learnt to keep his private life to himself. He was in a committed relationship with Isabelle Adajani and together they had a son. However, the courtship ended after six years. He then met actress Rebecca Miller during shooting the film version of stage play The Crucible. They eventually got married in the year 1996. The couple is happily married and has got two sons. Daniel holds dual citizenship of Ireland as well as Britain and the couple divides their time between homes in Ireland and New York City. In October 2012, he donated papers belonging to his poet father to the Oxford University.

Awards and Achievements:

Daniel is very selective about the kind of roles he plays. That along with his exceptional acting skills has won him many awards. He is the first male actor to win three Oscar awards for lead roles in movies like My Left Foot (1971), There Will Be Blood (2007) and the latest in Lincoln (2012). His role in Lincoln was extremely appreciated by audiences and critics alike. He was also nominated for Oscars for the movies In the Name of the Father (1993) and Gangs of New York (2012). Besides these, he has won and been nominated for several other awards.


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