Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani- Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $1.5 billion

Profession: Fashion Designer



If you are the fan of Valentino SpA brand then you must know Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani. He is the man behind setting up the brand and is popularly known as Valentino. He was born on 11th May in the year 1932. He belongs to Voghera in Italy. Valentino is a very well- known and successful fashion designer from Italy. The main fashion lines of Valentino are “Valentino Roma, Valentino Garavani, R.E.D. Valentino and Valentino. His all the notable fashion brands have received appreciation all over the globe. His fashion clothes and other designer things have drawn attention of fashion crazy people from all around the world. The designer did not marry yet, but according to him his friends are his family. His lifelong- business partner Giancario Giammetti, Anthony and Sean Souza, Carlos Souza are his family for him. He has received many awards for his designer wears.



Valentino being one of the most renowned fashion designers is listed as one of the wealthiest fashion designer in the world. He has a net worth estimated to be around 1.5 billion US dollars. The credits to such a colossal wealth go to the famous fashion brands he owns. Many fashion designers regard him as the king of lavish living. His designer wears are so famous that they are sold at a very humongous cost. You can spot many celebrities and royal families dressed up in dresses designed by him. He owns many fashion boutiques in rich cities and countries like Paris, Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Atlanta, Tokyo, Dallas and so many others. Apart from his designer boutiques, Valentino also receive some portion of his wealth form the exhibitions of his work. In the year 2002, Valentino SpA was sold at a showy price of 210 million US dollar.

A person with such a great fashion taste surely loves to live a lavish and showy lifestyle. He owns number of pricy car models by Ford. You can see his taste for luxurious lifestyle in his Rome residence. He bought the “Palatial Building” at a huge sum of amount. This building used to be the residence for many royal families. He also owns several villas at different places in the world including France, Switzerland and Spain. He is fond of art and his home is decorated with many fine pieces of art work. He owns a big private house located in Holland Park.


Valentino is fond of many valuable things and among his other valuable possession is a T.M. Blue One yacht. The initials of the yacht are in honour of his parents, Teresa and Mauro. The luxurious yacht is used by the iconic designer to host lavish parties and to go to exotic beach locations.



  • Valentino has an interest in fashion designing at a very young age and learnt a little about it from his Aunt Rosa as well as Ernestina Salvadeo, a local designer back in the town of Voghera.
  • When he was just 17 years old he moved to Paris in order to accomplish his dream of being a known fashion designer and studied at “École des Beaux-Arts” as wellas from the “Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne.”.
  • After working for five years at “Jean Dessès” and working for some time at a small fashion house owned by his friend, Guy Laroche’s he came to Italy to start his own fashion label.
  • In the year 1960, he became acquainted with Giancarlo Giammetti and soon after they became fashion partners.
  • The major breakthrough in his career was in the year 1962, where he displayed his couture collection in Florence’s Pitti Palace.
  • In the year 1967, for his famous, “no colour collection”, he was awarded with the esteemed Neiman Marcus Award.
  • In the year 1969, this iconic Italian designer opened his own ready to wear fashion houses in Rome and Milan. After that he flew to New York and he spent his tme their in order to socialize with the famous personalities and dress them up.
  • During the eighties, Valentino opened his first children’s wear as well as a clothing line for adults called Olivier.
  • In the year 1989, in order to host art exhibitions as well as cultural activities in Rome, he started the  “Academie Valentino”.
  • In the year 2006, he received the esteemed “6th Legion d’Honneur” award.
  • He took a retirement from the fashion world in the year 2008. In the year 2007, he released his ready to wear for women in Paris.




Valentino is a great fan of fine and pricey art. His home is decorated with fine work of Picasso, Balthus, Damien Hist and Cy Twombly. He is also intersedsted in buying vintage villa sin the world. He owns a villa on the important landmark in Rome, Via Appaia Antica. He also owns a castle in Davron built over a land of 120 acres. He is also fond of pets and has six pugs. He is so much fond of his pets that he has also named one of his fashion clothing lines after his pet’s name, Oliver. He has a separate car to transport his pets while travelling.


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