Lionel Messi – Net Worth, Money and More

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Professional Footballer

Net worth – $110 million


Football fans would definitely know who Lionel Messi is. But his popularity is such that even non followers of football would know his name if asked about football. It’s very common to expect a goal from this forward whenever he gets into that penalty box of opposition.  A winner of many individual awards as well as many trophies being a part of Barcelona. A winner of Ballon d Or (World Best player) a record four times was born on June 24 1987 in Argentina. Compared to the great Maradona since his very early days of career, but I feel he has just surpassed them all at the age of 26. Just one trophy eludes him and that is the glory of world cup.



messi 1

If he you go by roots he has Italian ancestors who moved to Argentina later on. A childhood prodigy Messi was a local powerhouse by the age of 11 and came to be known as “machine of 87”. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with a rare growth deficiency hormone and treatment cost was very high. Barcelona was made aware of a talent like Messi and his contract was signed on a piece of tissue paper. Since then he hasn’t seen back. Known for evading defenders with the blink of an eye, Messi’s style of play has been compared to Maradona many times and many consider him the greatest player in the history of game. Recently broke the record of Muller for most goals in a calendar year.



His earnings surpass every top athlete. In the December of 2012 FC Barcelona announced that Messi agreed with them a new 5 year deal worth 21.2 million dollars making him the highest paid footballer. This is not it his earnings are through many endorsements and advertisement deals as well. Second most marketable athlete in the world currently, he appeared for numerous ads Wechat and a Japanese brand Scalp D. His current endorsement deals with the Turkish Airlines, D&G, Pepsi, Herbalife, EA Sports and Adidas help him in earning near about 20 million dollars annually.


Personal Life

With such popularity and fame you have to handle a lot of pairings and link ups. He is said to have been dating Macarena Lamos during the 2006 World Cup. He has also been linked to Argentine Glamour model Luciana Salazar. In 2009 he finally broke the silence by announcing that he has a girlfriend back in Argentina. It was later confirmed from twitter as well that his girlfriend is Antonella Rocuzzo. On November 12 2012 he became father to a baby boy whom he named Thiago.


Net Worth

His earnings as you read above are way too high. So with such amount of cash at your dispense one will buy some great houses and cars. So here is the list and a brief description about each of his mansions and cars.

Catalan City Mansion

messi mansion

A luxury mansion worth millions in Barcelona, so here the long list begins.Football keeps Messi in Spain most of the year and hence he needs a permanent home here. So recently he bought a big mansion in the heart of Barcelona, named the Catalan city mansion.

Rosario Mansion

messi mansion 2

Rosario is home region and feels great to hear that he hasn’t forgotten his roots yet. Situated about 200 miles away from the capital city of Buenos Aires. The home was in news during 2011 when reportedly it was hit by four bullets. This mansion has a special place in his heart and he considers it as priceless.

Ferrari F430 Spider

messi ferrari f430 spider

Valued at around $210,000, this car is a beast and I guess is the most expensive of all Messi cars. With a top speed of around 320 Kmph this machine surely matches Messi in terms of his pace and acceleration. Equipped with a 483 hp engine the car is surely as good as the football star who drives it.

Audi R8

messi audi r8

It costs around $150,000. Audi is a dream car for most middle class people but Messi seems to be a big fan of sports cars and thrilled by speed I guess. In 2007 Messi and Ronaldinho did test drives for R8 at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona. The idea was to do fast laps to show that the luxury car was sporty and safe. Messi must have fallen in love with this beauty and had it ordered.


messi maserati

It would cost you around $130,000 if planning to buy.  Reports suggest that this luxury car is a Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S. So that means even Messi couldn’t stay away from the charm of this Italian car brand. Fitted with a 440 HP engine this adds another sports car in the garage of Lionel Messi.

Audi Q7

messi audi q 7

Value- $59,000. A SUV for a change. A car which demands second look and even more looks if someone like Messi is driving it. Seriously a different SUV in all and classy as well.

Dodge Charger SRT8

messi dodge charger

It is heard that the car is orange colored and hence brings a splash to his all black garage till now. Priced at around $45,000 Dodge features one of the most powerful engines in this price range and league of cars.

Lexus ES 350

messi lexus

As we all know Lexus is famous for making the most luxurious cars and surely ES 350 is one of them.


I can surely say that taste of Messi in buying and choosing cars is just awesome.

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