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Net Worth: $ 100 Millions


Born as Fernando Alonso Diaz on July 29th 1981o in Oviedo, Asturias, Spain, he was the second child of a mechanic father Jose Luis and he has an elder sister Lorena. Fernando Alonso is a well known name in the racing world or in the Formula 1 arena to be precise. He is one of the top Formula 1 racing driver and also a two-time World Champion and presently he is racing for the team Scuderia Ferrari.

Early life and Career:

Formula One World Championship

Fernando Alonso’s father was an amateur kart racer and he did not let his passion die and passes it on to his children, he built a kart for his 8 year old daughter Lorena but she didn’t really liked it and 3 year old little Alonso showed keen interest in the sport. Alonso attended the Holy Guardian Angel Primary school and later attended the Institute Leopoldo Alas Clarin in San Lazaro before he dropped out in 2000 due to his full time commitment with the motorsport. His family’s lack of financial resources did not let him down rather his talent and victories attracted many sponsors and the required funds. Alonso dominated the motorsport from the beginning of his career by winning 4 Spanish championships in back to back years in the junior category from 1993-1996 and then the Junior World Cup in 1996. Fernando Alonso raced for the Campos in the 1999 Spanish Euro Open by Nissan which he won by one point beating champion rival Manuel Giao. In the same season he moved up to Formula 3000 which was just a step away from Formula 1, he did not disappoint his team Astromega and finished the season 4th overall.

Formula 1 Career:


Fernando Alonso made his F1 debut as a racer for the Minardi team in 2001. In 2002 he joined the team Renault where he was just a test driver, In 2003 he became a team driver and in the year 2004 he started tasting success by scoring podium finishes in Australia, Hungary Germany and France. He scored a total of 59 points and finished fourth in the championship. In 2005 Alonso won the world F1 Championship at the Chinese Grand Prix which also saw Renault win the 1st Constructors Championship. By winning the 2005 championship Alonso became the youngest champion in F1 history, he followed it up with another championship in the following year 2006 which made him the youngest driver to do so. In the year 2005 Alonso was awarded with the Sports Prince of Asturias Award due to his magical Championship win. In his 13 year career Fernando Alonso competed in 218 races and won 32 of them, he finished on the podium a total of 95 times and started on pole position 22 times. Fernando Alonso holds the record for 21 fastest laps and also has the most number of career points in total which stands at a staggering 1,618.

Alonso Career Earning’s:

Yearly Earnings: $ 27.4 Million

Endorsements: $ 2 Million

Viceroy Fernando Alonso Ladies Display Baselworld 2014

Fernando Alonso made his fortune as a driver for different teams like Minardi, McLaren, Renault and Ferrari. He has been racing for the past 13 years and has competed in all the Grand Prix’s around the world. Alonso is the highest paid driver in F1 earning close to $ 27.4 million annually racing for Ferrari. Fernando Alonso figures 19th on the list of World’s Highest-Paid Athletes of the World. As this is not enough he gets substantial amount of money from the different top brands that he endorses. Alonso makes $ 2 million from different endorsement deals and the major brands that he is associated with are Ferrari, Telefonica, Banco Santander, INC and Viceroy Watches.

Alonso Cars, Houses and properties:

Fernando_AlonsoConsegna Autovetture Maserati Alonso 4 Marzo 2010Alonso Maserati alonso_meganecoupe2012010632alonso1990_g-300x199

The rich live richly so does Fernando Alonso who owns properties around the world, he lived in Oxford, UK before   he moved to Switzerland to be close to his team Ferrari’s headquarters. Alonso brought a house in Mont-sur-Rolle, near Lake Geneva, Switzerland and also owns another in Lugano, Switzerland. Alonso did not do injustice to his birthplace and bought an expensive bungalow in Oviedo, Spain. Alonso is a proud owner of $ 233, 509, Ferrari 458 that he got as a gift from Ferrari which he drives around in Spain. Alonso also has in his garage a Maserati Grancabrio which costs around $ 142,900.

Alonso Controversies:


In the Hungarian Grand Prix 2006, Alonso brake tested Red Bull racing driver Robert Doornbos and the stewards later ruled out that Alonso’s actions were “unnecessary, unacceptable and dangerous”, and he was awarded a 1-second penalty to his fastest lap.

In the 2006 Italian Grand Prix Alonso potentially blocked Felipe Massa in the qualifying laps and the stewards ruled relegated Alonso five places on the starting grid and he received wide criticism for his act.

This was perhaps one of the most controversial incidents in the F1 history, in what became known to the world as “Crashgate” , Alonso’s team Renault allegedly directed his teammate and fellow driver Nelson Piquet, Jr. to crash his car in the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix that will initiate a safety-car incident at a moment where Alonso would get tremendous benefit from this plan, putting him in the lead in the race thus giving him a fair and fighting chance to win the race because a number of opponents including the likes of Felipe Massa, Kimi Raikkonen and Robert Kubica would have suffered. Alonso was dragged into the controversy and the FIA took over the investigation but they later confirmed that Alonso had no clue about the plan.


I have always been very calm on the outside. I’m not too stressed now just because I’m in formula one. For me, tomorrow will be another day whether I finish first or last. I have to do the maximum and I cannot ask any more from myself.

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