Madonna – Net worth, Money and More

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Net Worth:  $650 Million

Career/Profession:  Singer, Song writer, Entrepreneur, actress

Madonna, this name needs no introduction. She is a versatile personality who has used her talent and hard work to achieve the acme of success. Madonna is an influential artist who was born on 16th August, 1958 in Bay City, Michigan and later on settled in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Her birth name was Madonna Louise Ciccone. She is a singer, actress, entrepreneur as well as a songwriter.


Difficult Survival:

Madonna started her career as a pop artist. She lost her mother in early childhood and this loss had made her more determined to reject all the religious and traditional backgrounds. She was a scholar in her school days, but due to her eagerness of becoming a star, she dropped out of the college. She then moved to New York to work harder on her dancing skills. She started doing various odd and part time jobs for her survival.


After quitting college, she battled for her survival and concentrated mainly on her singing tunes. Once, her tunes caught the ear of renowned DJ Mark Kamins, he took her to the Warner Brothers where they signed her up. She began her career as a solo artist by recording her first single “Everybody” which was a big hit and then she went on to release her full album  ‘Madonna’ in 1983. She became a self-marketing actress who became a sensation in the male dominated music.   Her image among the press became a hallmark in 1980s and helped her in gaining more attention. This success has helped her in getting her first leading role ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’ in 1985. She started exposing herself publicly with stage performances. She even published her coffee table book. She continued to deliver several hit albums which were sold internationally.  She had sold more than 300 million albums worldwide and is entitled as ‘World’s Top Selling Artist’ in the Guinness World Records.

A Fashion Icon:

Besides being the Queen of Pop music, Madonna is Queen of Fashion world too. She has extended her looks with the music she produced. In the late 20th century, she always exploded her music with her blonde, brown hairs, fishnet stockings, lace bras and antique jewellery. She has a heavy influence on teenagers whenever fashion comes into scene.


Marital Status:

Madonna is one of the diverse music stars who was in relationship with several guys, but didn’t continue it for very long time. She after surviving many broke relationships turned out to be mature enough to choose the man for her. While working for ‘Material Girl’ video in 1985 she started living in relationship with an actor Sean Penn. Later on, they both got married and this news created a lot of outburst in the whole press. This marriage didn’t work out for a long time and finally they both decided to separate in December 1987. All the formalities were completed in 1989. In 2000 she again got married to a guy named Ritchie, director of ‘Swept Away’. Afterwards, they decided to adopt a boy named David Banda from an orphanage in Malawi. In 2008, both Ritchie and Madonna filed for divorce and finally they got it.


Ups and Downs:

Madonna has had a bright career, which has a span of 30 years, followed by 12 dynamic albums. She is the undisputed Queen of Music. She wildly holds her position in the Industry by always triggering something new and appealing in her upcoming records. There are several hits presented by her, but most exotic albums are:

  1. Bedtime Stories: This was released in 1994 which has a silky contemporary style.
  2. MDNA: It is a groundbreaking dance album which was presented in 2012. It was considered as a failure by critics.
  3. Erotica: This is one of the most appealing works of her which contains a mixture of wildness and sensuality. Sex Table Book was also released simultaneously with this album.
  4. Confessions on the Dance Floor:  This album has non-stop 12 party tracks.
  5. Ray of Light: It was the most honest work of that time. It was the result of her newly founded religion Kabbalah religion and her newly born girl named Loudres. It is a blend of intimate music.
  6. Music: This album got a lot more attention than the Ray of light from the critics’ point of view. It was an experiment which passed with flying colors. This was the most progressive work released in 2000.

Madonna along with appreciation got some criticism too. Various albums got flop and were showed the way of exit just after the release. MDNA which was released in 2012 became a flop because of Chris Brown. This was the biggest failure of her career as claimed by the critics.


She rocketed to the status of the star very quickly in 1984 due to her musical virtues. Madonna has been nominated for various titles and won so many awards. Few amongst them are:

  • American Music Award in 1985
  • Golden Raspberry Award in 1986
  • ASCAP Award and MTV Video Music Award in 1987
  • Rolling Stone Readers Pick in 1990
  • Juno Awards in 1991
  • Grammy Awards in 1195
  • Viva Comet Award in 1998
  • MVPA Award for pop video of Ray of light in 1999
  • International Dance Music Award in 2002
  • World’s Best Pop Artist in 2006



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