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Net worth $170 Million

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Kenneth Brian Edmonds, popularly known as Baby face and Kenneth Babyface Edmonds has a whopping estimated net worth of $170 Million. Everything in Babyface’s life shines just like his bank balance.


Early Life & Career


Babyface was born on 10th April 1958 in Indianapolis, Indiana and earn his wealth by having a tremendously successful career as R&B and pop singer, a song writer, a musician, record producer, a film producer and an entrepreneur. He got his nickname Baby face by a funk performer Bootsy Collins, when he was still a teenager because of his cute face. Babyface got his remarkable start in the most loved entertainment business in the year 1989 when he founded a record label, called Laface Records. Laface Records became successful in a very short period when it started producing music albums for big recording artists. Toni Braxton’s album produced by LaFace Records won a Grammy Award, this made the record label extremely famous. Az Yet, the popular R&B group from the late 90s was made popular by Baby face. He made wrote and produced for Boyz 2 Men’s famous songs ” Ill make love to you” and ” End of the Road”. Both the songs became popular and had the longest stay at number 1 position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Baby face has contributed and showcased his talent as record producer and song writer for many big artists such as Madonna, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Diana Ross, Toni Braxton, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Kenny G and Mariah Carey to name a few. Apart from this Baby face earns his tremendously huge wealth by acting in TV series and producing big banner hollywood films. Baby face faced the camera as an actor in 1994 for the first time when he appeared in an episode of Beverly Hills. In the mid 90s Babyface and his ex wife Tracey Edmonds started a motion picture business called Edmonds Entertaintment Group which produced films like ” Josie and the Pussycats” and ” Soul Food”. The Company also soundtracked for films like ” The PRince of Egypt”. Currently the company is the executive producer of the hit reality series ” College Hill”. Apart from this Baby face worked with very famous David Foster and composed the official song of 1996 Summer Olympics. He also participated on a reality show “Celebrity Duets” for Fox . Off late he founded another recording label called Soda Pop Records. The Record label currently produces albums for K-ci and jojo and in 2013 the label secured a distribution deal with E1 Music. In total Babyface has won 10 Awards in his career and has been nominated for over 20 Awards.




In Early 80s Babyface met Lynelle Edmonds in Cincinnatii by her brother who managed the group for babyface. The couple got married in June 1982 and decided to part ways after being married for two years in February 1984 he was heartbroken then. But soon the cute lad found love again when he met Tracy Edmonds in 1990. He met her when she came for audition for the music video ” Whip Appeal”. Love blossomed between the two and the couple decided to tie the knot in September 1992. The couple have two sons Brandon and Dylan Michael. Things went sore between the couple and Tracey filled for divorce in January 2005 in Los Angeles County Superior Court. In October 2005 Tracy and Babyface announced to the public that they were ending their thirteen years long marriage. Two years after separation Babyface started dating Nicole Pantenburg A.k.a Nikki who was his backup dancer and former dancer and personal friend of very famous singer Janet Jackson. After a year the couple welcomed their first daughter Peyton Nicole Edmonds. After being in a live-in relationship for eight years, the couple finally got engaged recently in February 2014.


Wealth & Luxury

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Babyface has tremendously huge bankbalance of $170 million. He earn his wealth by singing, by producing albums, by acting in Tv series and by producing big banner films. He has two recording labels under him called Soda Pop Records and a motion picture company called Edmond Entertainment Group.
Baby face has a keen eye for details and loves vintage touch to everything he owns. He lives his life with luxury and reside in a 21,000 square feet mansion in Los Angeles, California. The home has six bedrooms and ten baths a personal tennis court and a recording studio within the mansion. The house has an estimated worth of over $35 million. He owns a exclusive Bosemdofer Piano in his living room which is worth whopping $48000 equal to the cost of a Mercedes. The home has a Recording studio which is worth $100,000.
Baby face loves his rides and choose to cruse in elegant yet classy rides with vintage touch. He owns a 1996 Porche 911 Carrera Coupe which is worth $75,000. Apart from this he owns a classic 1996 Mercedes Benz s600 sedan which is worth mind boggling $145,000. Babyface loves Mercedes, and doesn’t approve of Bmw or audi in his car collection. The third Mercedes in the list is his 2001 Mercedes Benz which is worth over $55,000.


Quote : There are people that bring artists to me to look at it and it’s a question of whether I like their music and their look and if I think there’s something they have that makes them different and commercial.

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